Event Objectives and ROI

ADI's industry expertise, best practices and flawless service result in exceptional meetings, incentive travel programs, and corporate events that drive business results. We align each event component with your objectives including:

Among all marketing channels, corporate meetings and events are the most effective way to engage customers and move them to purchasing behavior. With well-thought-out objectives, we can measure your event's return on investment and help accelerate and deepen relationships with your target audiences.

Event Collateral

Adherence to your sales and marketing strategy is crucial to the success of your event. To promote and represent your company in the best way, our ADI team will design and write the content for your event collateral including:

Website Design

Our technology experts will build and design your corporate event or incentive travel program website using our web-based strategic meeting management platform. Website components typically include:

A customized mobile app will keep your attendees connected and engaged with you before, during and after your event. It's a fast and easy way for attendees to access event details and receive immediate alerts about updates and changes to your agenda.

Gifts and Promotional Items

To promote and reinforce your brand and messaging to your event's attendees, it's important to have creative, unique and customized promotional items and gifts.

Our team will brainstorm ideas to help promote your event, and we'll develop a customized proposal that aligns with your event's overall theme and messaging.

Fulfillment Services

ADI will coordinate and manage all your fulfillment needs prior to your event and on site. We will: